Federal Government of Nigeria Budget API (JSON) for 2016, 2017

The base URL for this API can be found at:

This gives you access to APIs for the FGN's 2016 and 2017 Budget Proposals as well as other datasets that may be added with time. Budget data comes from official PDFs released at

Use the "List Operations" link to see the available tables. 
Click on any of the GET links to see available options, get familiar with the syntax and build your custom queries. You can sort ascending/descending, limit and paginate number of responses, order by column, filter by exact column value, etc.

When you click the "Try it out" button, the options you have selected will be tested and a custom URL generated for your query. If the query makes sense, the first few entries in your results will be displayed in the "Response Body" box.

Organization/Ministry could be a Ministry, Department, Agency, School, Hospital, etc.

Table descriptions. Check back often as further classification is ongoing. Default response limit is 50 items. Visit the base url for detailed syntax.

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