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Summary of 2017 Personnel, Overhead, Recurrent, Capital, and Total Allocation for 832 FGN entities

Capital Projects in 2017 Budget Proposal

Full Details of 2017 Budget Proposal

How does the Federal Budgeting (Appropriation) process work in Nigeria?
Federal organizations put some numbers together based on what they would like to accomplish in the coming year. The Budget Office collates these figures and the Presidency presents them to the National Assembly (usually a joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives) as an Appropriation Bill.

Sub-committees of the National Assembly (Legislature) are tasked with reviewing the contents of the budget, interviewing the heads of organizations to better understand their budgets, making adjustments where necessary and passing the resultant document into law as an Appropriation Act (of Parliament). Once the Appropriation Act is passed, monies can be released to the different organizations for their activities.

Note that several Federal organizations are not included in the regular (January-December) budget because they generate their own revenue through taxes and levies in Banking, Insurance, Education, Technology, Petroleum, Ports, Excise Duty, Communication, etc. Budgeting for such organizations usually comes up in July/August.

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